Project Details

Ventura County Civic Alliance - Compact for a Sustainable Ventura County Phase 1

The Compact for a Sustainable Ventura Steering Committee is working to make this new growth sustainable by preserving livibility and protecting the counties natural assets.


  • Develop a cohesive vision of the stakeholders in government and the community
  • Develop plan to manage population growth using sustainable principles
  • Preserve environmental and agricultural assets
  • Promote economic growth

The compact for a Sustainable Ventura Steering committee is made of members from the Ventura Council of Governments (VCOG) and the Ventura County Civic Alliance (VCCA).Ventura County is a region that has always valued preserving its natural heritage and maintaining livability. In the next two decades, the county is projected to grow by 76,000 households and create 128,000 new jobs.

Working with Compass Blueprint, the Compact developed a comprehensive strategy to maintain sustainable development in line with the counties guiding principles.The Compact for a Sustainable Ventura Steering committee outlined a series of principles upon which to guide the planning of future growth. They include the promotion of sustainable development, affordable housing, a diversified economy, public transportation and public awareness of the planning process.

Compass Blueprint provided planning services which included scenario building of different growth options and public involvement workshops. This process helped get stakeholders input while also getting analytical results of various development choices.

Project Highlights
  • Ventura County

  • Timeframe:
  • 2007 - 2008

  • Project Partners:
  • Ventura Council of Governments & Ventura County Civic Alliance