Project Details

Ventura - Ventura Freeway Cap Project Phase 1

This Demonstration Project enabled the City of Ventura to conduct a study to assess the feasibility and long-term effects of creating a transit-oriented mixed-use waterfront downtown in Ventura by placing a cap over the US 101 Freeway. This research helped determine whether a reconnection over the freeway was physically possible, the potential costs, probable alternatives, and the appropriate mix of uses for the reclaimed land.


  • Integrate the waterfront area with downtown Ventura
  • Develop and increase the use of the downtown area
  • Determine redevelopment potential and return on investment
  • Plan a new transit center
  • Find the best financing solutions to maximize resources
  • Understand stakeholders needs
The physical separation created by the US 101 Ventura Freeway between Ventura’s downtown and the beach has been a persistent concern that residents mentioned as part of the 2005 General Plan process and reinforced during the preparation of the Downtown Specific Plan. The freeway cuts through Downtown, effectively restricting development along prime real estate adjacent to the Pacific Ocean and precluding the opportunity to create a vibrant, transit-oriented community. A capping project will repair the tear in the urban fabric resulting from the freeway construction, and regain valuable downtown real estate for uses that benefit the community, such as a multi-modal transit center.


  • Three project alternatives with varying costs, construction methods, and land areas created which all meeting the City’s objective of increasing connectivity between the downtown and the waterfront
  • Structural analysis and building prototypes
  • 0.6 – 14 of potential buildable acreage through development
  • Three varying project alternatives would provide:
    • 135 – 2,502 residential units
    • 35,310 - 483,295 sq. ft. of retail
    • 0 - 700,310 sq. ft. of office space
Project Highlights
  • 101 Fwy & S California St Ventura

  • Timeframe:
  • 2008 - 2008