2013-2014 Call for Proposals

Introducting A New Local Assistance Planning Program from the SCAG Consolidated Call for Proposals


lancaster South East transit village.JPGThe Sustainability Program combines Compass Blueprint assistance for integrated land use and transportation planning with new Green Region initiative assistance aimed at local sustainability and Active Transportation assistance for bicycle and pedestrian planning efforts.


With the recent adoption of the region’s first Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS,) the program will focus on voluntary efforts that will meet local needs and contribute to implementing the SCS, reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and providing the range of local and regional benefits outlined in the SCS. For more information on SB 375 and the SCS, see the Regional Transportation Plan 2012-2035.


Proposals that feature creative and forward-thinking development solutions will benefit, free of charge, from a customized program of consultant services, SCAG staff time and technical assistance. The Sustainability Program’s innovative tools and services allow cities and counties to evaluate planning and policy options and stimulate sustainable development opportunities.


All SCAG-member local jurisdictions are eligible for funding for nearly any planning project that meets local needs and is consistent with the regional Sustainable Communities Strategy.


The 2013-2014 Sustainability Program will emphasize:


  • Projects that make measurable progress toward implementation

  • Assistance to communities for updating General Plans

  • Inter-jurisdictional and multi-stakeholder partnerships

  • Outreach and education to the community and stakeholders on sustainable development

  • Past Compass Blueprint partner jurisdictions may propose work that will move their plans closer to implementation.


Past Compass Blueprint partner jurisdictions may propose work that will move their plans closer to implementation.


Note: The application period for the 2013-2014 Sustainability/Compass Blueprint proposals is closed.  Watch this page or subscribe to our mailing list here to learn about the next Call for Proposals.



Compass Blueprint Proposals

Should clearly integrate sustainable transportation and land use planning, for example:


  • Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) planning

  • General Plan, Specific Plan and development code assistance

  • Parking strategies

  • Development feasibility analyses